What is the best way to find and to buy an income property?

advanced search tools, real working experience and extensive knowledge of the market. 

We are a team of realtors specialized in helping our clients purchasing and selling Income Properties. 

We feel that by having at our disposal advanced tools and by using our own experience in helping our clients purchasing income properties we can be an excellent asset to anyone interested in buying or selling an income property. 

This is why we also created this website to offer a set of unique tools to help people find their ideal income property. Like our investor spider advanced search where you can enter your specific requirements anonymously and let our advanced tool search across multiple platforms and databases to find an income property that can match your requirements. 

What makes a good investment property?

the property has to generate or must have the potential to generate true income for you

Your first priority when looking to buy an income property should be to make sure that the property can truly generate the income that you expect. Many income properties look good on paper but when you start to run it, you find out that your profit is not as much as you expected.

That is why it is essential to do proper due diligence in order to have the right expectations. Some properties do not generate an immediate income but do have the potential to generate an excellent revenue. The important factor is to understand what to expect so that you can properly setup your operating budget without any surprises.

getting the right financing for it.

To buy an income property can have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to financing. It is  extremely beneficial to work with a lender that understands  income properties and can offer the right financing programs for it. You will save a lot of time and a lot of stress.  Beside licensed real estate agents , we are also licensed mortgage agents so that we can help our clients find the right lender . To find out more about our services for financing income properties click here.

an investment that can grow in time

One of our suggestions when it comes to what makes a good investment property is to look for a property that has the potential to be the base of a future growth. Some of our clients have started by purchasing an investment property and were able to expand quickly their real estate pro-folio by leveraging on their first income property.   




finding a true good investment

Searching for a true good investment when it comes to an income property can take time and a lot of patience. We believe technology combine with experience in what to look for, can provide an essential aid in saving time and money. That is why using our background in developing new technologies we created an advanced search tool, A free tool that combines technology and human experience to provide you with an exceptional tool to help search for the ideal income property.


our expertise is free when it comes helping you to buy an income property.

As you probably know the seller usually pays a commissions so if you are buying an income property from the MLS market we can help you using our experience, our tools and our knowledge and you will not have to worry about paying more money. We usually can help our client save money and time!


we help you create the right setup for you to build or expand your real estate portfolio

We help our clients through the entire process. From buying an income property  to helping our clients to create the bases to grow a true portfolio of investment properties. Beside realtors we are also licensed mortgage agents so we know and understand what it takes to find the right lender for an investment property.

We help our clients with all the tasks related to purchasing a property from getting an appraisal, to an inspection report to proper legal advice.

Our goal is to help you getting the most out of your investment property.

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We are a team of realtors passionate about our work and we want to make sure that our clients expectations and requirements when it comes to real estate transactions are met. We specialize in helping our clients to buy income properties and homes with unique features that could offer a great potential for a long term investment. 


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