What is the best way to sell your income property?

we can provide unique exposure to a targeted audience who is specifically looking for income properties 

We are a team of realtors specialized in helping our client purchasing and selling Income Properties. 

We feel that by having at our disposal advance tools and by using our own existence experience in helping our clients purchasing income properties we could help anyone interested in purchasing or selling an income property. 

That is why we also created this website to offer a set of unique tools to help people find and selling their ideal income property. Like our investor spider where people interested in purchasing an income property can enter their specific requirements. 


Some other very good reasons why you should consider selling your income property with us

we help you show the true potential of your property

Making sure that your property can show its true vale or true potential is essential when you trying to sell your income property. You have to expect that a buyer will do a proper due diligence so it is important to prepare and have the right documentation to support the value or the potential of  your income property, We understand what buyers looks for and we can help you prepare all the necessary supporting documentation to help you show the true value or potential of your property. 

we can help potential buyers get the right financing to purchase your property.

Many deals in the market are lost because of the financing. That is why beside realtors we are also fully licensed mortgage agents specialized in income properties. When needed we can make sure that potential buyers have all the possible financing options available to purchase your income property so that you do not lose any deal.

We have a large number of exclusive listings for income properties so we can attract a large number of different buyers. 

We have a large number of esclusive listing s and mls listing properties for income properties. This helps us to talk to a large number of potentia lbuyers and  to understand the needs and requirements of buyers when it comes to income properties.    


We can provide all necessary services to ensure a smooth transaction

we provide lots of free tools to potential buyers so that they can select the right income property

We have created many techniological tools to help buyers find the right income property and to help seller promote therir properties/ Some of hese tools allow the buyers to do advance searches so that they can find more target and selected income properties.

we can help you making sure that you property has the right exposure

We have an extensive experience in advertising and marketing and we use our knowledge and experience everyday in helping our clients getting promoting their income properties without any additional costs! From on-line campaigns to traditional media we do what is necessary to provide our clients getting the right exposure for their properties! 


we help you create the right setup for you to build or expand your real estate portfolio

Sometime selling your property can open the door to additional real estate opportunities. If you are looking to sell one of your properties to expand your real estate portfolio, we have knowledge and experience that we can share with you to setup the right base for growth. 






We are a team of realtors passionate about  our work and we want to make sure that our clients expectation and requirements when it comes to real estate transactions are met. We specialize in income properties and homes with unique features that could offer our client a great potential for a long term investment. 


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Sales Representative

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Cellular Number : 905-392-0328

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